It's been a busy few weeks for me, as I was finalizing my code samples and getting ready for two presentations that I gave between Monday and Tuesday. In total, I threw together two bots over the course of the last few months, but started a video tutorial series for the Microsoft Bot Framework (up to 13 videos), and that ultimately led to yet another GitHub project to house the bot code. This week's schedule included two doctor's visits, two conference presentations, a podcast recording session, and a video recording session in which I tried out several new pieces of technology. On top of that, work hit me with a very early day so that I could support some training. By Wednesday morning, I was already exhausted. Thankfully, with the conference talks behind me, things should settle down a bit.

With all the various recordings, tutorials, writings, and conference talks, I thought I would write a blog post organizing the Bot Framework media that I've been putting together just to give a quick summary. With this being the last day of September, we're winding down the year a bit, and I think Bill and I have a good handle on how we want to schedule things out.

Let's start with the conference talks. I spoke at edUi last year, and had two speaking engagements this year: One was specifically on building bots.

Building Bots for the Conversation UI:

Bot Framework Tutorial:

...and, of course, there's the Bot Framework podcast episode that Bill and I did back in March.

I'm up to 13 videos on the Bot Framework tutorial series, and I think the whole series is going to end up between 20-25 videos. I'm contemplating taking all of that information and putting it together in a book--even if just an eBook. It depends on if I have time to flesh it all out.

All of the bots I've built thus far have been for tutorials, samples, and experimentation, but I will be working on a production-ready bot for personal/enterprise use in the very near future. My expectation is that the tutorials, writings, and videos will finish up towards the end of the year. At that point, I'll start working fully on the enterprise bot. That bot will be on GitHub as well.

(Photo by Eelke)