Cyberpunk Theme for your Hyper Terminal

by Michael Szul on

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I'm a big fan of Hyper, and I'm a big fan of Visual Studio Code. Both are electron applications, and each allows for custom themes. Recently, I've been using the Cyberpunk theme in Visual Studio Code--complete with it's Outrun/neon-loving purples, pinks, and, of course, green screen text.

The problem was that the other Hyper cyberpunk theme just emulated the green screen, which is fine if you're matching terminal with terminal, but I wanted a terminal emulator that embraced the Visual Studio Code Cyberpunk colors more fully.

Today I'm releasing an early preview of a Cyberpunk theme for Hyper. You can find it here, and you can see a screenshot below, and in the header image of this blog post.

Hyper Cyberpunk Theme

To install it: Edit your preferences in Hyper, and add hyperterm-cyberpunk to your plugins array. Then reload your terminal window.

For any issues or suggestions, drop me a line in the GitHub issues backlog.