I've recently been cross-posting some of these blog posts to LinkedIn with a link back to the original source. When I really started to think about it, it looked more and more like I should move away from the overmortal.com domain name and towards something different. I was using Overmortal as a STEM related web site, but found myself mostly posting programming code and ideas, and the two purposes didn't seem to gel very well. Plus a lot of co-workers were starting to see the posts on LinkedIn, and I wanted a more programming-centric outlet if they followed back to the original links--rather than confusing them.

My good friend Bill Ahern--who I've known since 2004, and have worked with at three different jobs--had been using the word "codepunk" for a while, including in his Twitter profile. Bill and I had been talking about doing a podcast together for years now, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to steal that moniker from him and use it for a programming blog. I registered the .io domain because that seems to be all the rage for tech sites (and of course, .com was already taken), and here we are. I moved all of the programming related blog posts to this domain from Overmortal, and set up some redirects for the old links. I'm also going to set Bill up with an account so he can contribute when he wants to.

Now it's just a matter of continuing to write...

Phot by India 7 Network