Logins are Hard

by Michael Szul on

With advances in technology being so profound over the last few decades, security has become—and continues to be—an ever important issue for every business, project, or hobby (and even home automation) taking the steps to bring their offering to the next level.

Codepunk 062 Virtually Reality is Virtually Ready

by Bill Ahern, Michael Szul on

With the launch of season 6 of the Codepunk podcast, we'll be coalescing around a single theme since we'll be producing less episodes at a higher quality with accompanying video inside of virtual reality.

The Boing Boing Controversies

by Michael Szul on

Although the history of Boing Boing paints a picture of geek chic with a thriving community and an almost playful cyber-indulgence, the blog (and those running the blog) is not without the occasional head-turning controversy...

A History of Boing Boing

by Michael Szul on

Boing Boing was a zine before it became a web site, and although zines were not exclusive to the counterculture and cyberculture eras, the proliferation of zines reached its apex in the late 80's/early 90's.

Save Time with Scaffolding Using Yeoman

by Michael Szul on

In most of my current projects (both for work and for pleasure), I use very similar tools, frameworks, configurations, etc. With Node.JS applications...

One Billion Seconds from Now

by Michael Szul on

One billion seconds is a phrase that has accumulated usage over the course of our most recent evolution of memes. Representing a little over 31.5 years (which isn't nearly as fancy as saying one billion seconds)...

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