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A History of Boing Boing

by Michael Szul on
Boing Boing was a zine before it became a web site, and although zines were not exclusive to the counterculture and cyberculture eras, the proliferation of zines reached its apex in the late 80's/early 90's.

Save Time with Scaffolding Using Yeoman

by Michael Szul on
In most of my current projects (both for work and for pleasure), I use very similar tools, frameworks, configurations, etc. With Node.JS applications...

One Billion Seconds from Now

by Michael Szul on
One billion seconds is a phrase that has accumulated usage over the course of our most recent evolution of memes. Representing a little over 31.5 years (which isn't nearly as fancy as saying one billion seconds)...

Giving the Finger to the Bird

by Michael Szul on
You can blame Ben Brown for this one. I mentioned Ben in the previous Apotheosis post. He's a current Microsoft engineer that works on the Bot Framework Composer, but made a name for himself...

Tech Lives Matter - Diversity in the Technology Industry

by Michael Szul on
For a significant time now being a software engineer—being a technology worker—has given us the impression that we are not labor. That we are not the working class.

Dreaming of Gopher's Past with the Gemini Protocol

by Michael Szul on
I miss the Gopher protocol. That's an odd statement to make because the Gopher protocol wasn't successful long-term and it had quite a few drawbacks, but the Gopher protocol was an Internet protocol...
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