Don't feel like reading blog posts, and you think that video killed the radio star (so podcasts are out of the question)? We have you covered with some ever-improving video content on YouTube.

Bot Framework v4 Chatdown Tutorial Series

Bot Framework SDK v4 brings us command line tooling to help with chatbot creation and design. This tutorial series will cover Chatdown for chatbot dialog design prototyping.

Bot Framework v4 Emulator Tutorial Series

With the Microsoft Bot Framework SDK v4, Microsoft has released a new Bot Emulator with more features, as well as an MSBot command line utility for bot creation and service additions. This video tutorial series will cover both.

Bot Framework Tutorial Series

A video series starting with a few example bots before stepping into a play-by-play on how to actually create bots, and work within the Microsoft Bot Framework.

(Photo by Esther Vargas)