Don't feel like reading blog posts, and you think that video killed the radio star (so podcasts are out of the question)? We have you covered with some ever-improving video content on YouTube.

Microsoft Bot Framework v4 QnA Maker Tutorial

The Microsoft QnA Maker service is an Azure Cognitive Services tool for creating knowledge bases or FAQ chatbots, and deploying them to the cloud. This tutorial series will show you how to use the QnA Maker Cognitive Service, as well the as the Microsoft BotBuilder Tools for working with the QnA Maker from the command line.

Microsoft Bot Framework v4 Chatdown Tutorial

The Microsoft Bot Framework SDK v4 comes with a new suite of command line utilities for administering Azure Cognitive Services, and building out chatbots from end-to-end. This tutorial series focuses on Chatdown, which allows you to use a markdown-style language to prototype chatbots, create chat transcripts, and run those transcripts in the Microsoft Bot Emulator.

Microsoft Bot Framework v4 Emulator Tutorial

With the Microsoft Bot Framework SDK v4 and the BotBuilder tools, Microsoft has released a new Bot Emulator with more features, as well as an MSBot command line utility for bot creation, and adding services to you chatbots, such as LUIS, QnA Maker, and the Azure Bot Service. This video tutorial series will cover both the new Bot Emulator and the MSBot command line utility.

Microsoft Bot Framework Tutorial

The Microsoft Bot Framework is a framework for creating chatbots that can be deployed across multiple channels such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and the web. This tutorial series will instruct you on how to create a chatbot using the Microsoft Bot Framework, TypeScript, and the Node.JS SDK.

(Photo by Esther Vargas)