Shut It Down

by Michael Szul on

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I've blogged in some form or another since around 2000—long before there were any viable blogging engines or platforms out there. From personal blogging to the Key 23 days right on up to Codepunk, I've used blogging as a consistent outlet for ideas, thoughts, etc.

The idea of Codepunk has been around since before the domain name was even purchased, but I'd put a rough "born on" date at about 2015. The Codepunk name was chosen because it was a single descriptive word in Codepunk podcast co-host Bill Ahern's Twitter profile.

Bill has always been on board with the site. Although he didn't write as much, his fingerprints are all over ideas and he did the majority of the podcast work.

When my children were born, it was difficult for many years to main a "presence" in extracurricular activities. I mentioned previously that Bill recently had a positive life-changing event and it was going to take him away from the podcast for a bit. I've decided that I don't want to do Codepunk without Bill and it would be a travesty to continue without his input. Although the Apotheosis side-podcast is going well, it feels like cheating to use the Codepunk name with it.

For the time being then, I won't be blogging anymore on this site—nor will I be producing Codepunk or Codepunk's Apotheosis podcast episodes. You will probably find me on the Internet in some form or another (writing? videos? podcasts?). But not on Facebook or Twitter.

One day we may spin this thing back up, but for now, I think it's good to close it down and take a break.