This is what you call filler! The holidays have left little time for writing or personal projects, and having twins puts a time constraint on when I can steal away to the computer. Plus, everyone in the house is sick right now.

Luckily, Bill and I have been able to pound out a few recordings, and December saw two really top quality episodes of the podcast. Episode 10, in fact, has been killing it in January. I posted it to the Cyberpunk subreddit, and that seems to have given it a decent amount of traction. It'll be interesting to see how January downloads look at the end of the month. We're set to record another two in about a week, as soon as this cold goes away.

In the meantime, despite this being a filler post, I've been meaning to get it out for quite some time. We actually don't have a logo up on the site; we just have the "#codepunk" hashtag. Mostly, this is because I'm using a Ghost theme, and have been too lazy to modify it much.

When we started the podcast, however, Bill did create a logo, and it appears in the iOS podcast app, and in the Android store.

The logo itself is pretty simple, and I'm sure some other sites or people have similar logos. It's essential a self-closing HTML bracket with no interior text. The angle bracket at the end dips a little farther below the first angle bracket. This is a subtle way of letting the first bracket represent a "C" and the second bracket (along with the slash) represent a "P"--for "codepunk." Originally Bill delivered this to me in a blue, but I asked him if he could change it to a green to represent the old green screen style of computer monitors. I also requested that he put a trailing prompt at the end.

So there you have it... a short story to kick off January and the new year. Now hopefully I'll get the logo actually on the web site at some point.