I've been getting more into digital lifestyle improvements recently, and with that has come a greater interest in office and desk design. When you work on a computer 50+ hours a week, but also hit the screen for several hours in your leisure time, there comes a point in your life where you start to appreciate the finer aesthetics of lifestyle design. Since most of my early years were spent with a pencil and a piece of paper drawing all manner of comic book art, animals, and inanimate objects, I already had an eye towards artistic thinking; I just left my office and desk design to the standard troupe of cubicle life or pressed wood and Staples supplies.

Minimums recently turned me onto a company called Artifox that makes a fantastic handcrafted desk (two, actually--one sitting and one standing), but they also make wooden wall mounts for bicycles and a nice little desktop item they call a peg block set.

You can see this peg block set in the header image of this blog post. It's a solid piece of wood that has been drilled out to contain four cylinder slots. When you get the peg block set, it comes with four cylinder pegs in those slots. These pegs can be removed, and you can use the block to hold your pencils, scissors, or any other manner of desktop item you might need to organize in some sort of holder. The pegs themselves contain strong magnets on the bottom of them. These magnets work great on lengths of metal strips, blackboard or whiteboards that allow magnets, or any other manner of metal. They are strong enough on solid metal to hold a decent amount of weight (I have some Skullcandy headphones that hang nicely inside their bag). On a flat surface, they do really well as bookends, as you can see in the header image.

One of the things that I've been consistently going to has been minimalism, and this peg block set absolutely fits that mold. The desk at work that it's sitting on isn't the best choice (my previous desk which matched the light color was damaged in a water main break), but I will eventually bring these home, and use them in the home office--hopefully with an Artifox standing desk.