In an effort to support privacy and security as much as possible, we decided to join the ranks of people putting their web sites behind SSL encryption. Most web sites and web applications are doing this, and although our admin side was behind SSL, our public-facing side wasn't--until now. Even with it only being content about programming and technology, both Bill and I feel it's extremely important to support the privacy and security initiatives on the web.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is pushing an HTTPS Everywhere initiative, which is different from what we did here (merely using SSL). Their initiative is a browser plugin--currently available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera--that forces HTTPS where possible, promoting a more secure web. I encourage you to use it.

The EFF is a great organization to support and get involved with, and no matter what your political leanings, I think we can all agree that supporting privacy is a noble effort. Being passive isn't enough though... It's one thing to re-share posts on Facebook, or retweet them on Twitter, it's another thing to get involved.

Get involved. Do something.

(Photo by Christiaan Colen)