The Web 1.0 Gig Economy was Sally's Nephew

by Michael Szul on

Bear with me, I'm going to take a trip down memory lane before getting to the point. It gets a little ranty too. Grab yourself a cup of coffee. Earlier in my career—after I left the first consulting company I worked for—I did a little freelance work in web site design and web site building at a time just far enough past the Dot-Com bubble bursting to have a market flooded with freelancers. If you thought web application development was a hard sell, try selling web sites. This was pre-SquareSpace, etc.

Technical Interviews Still Suck

by Michael Szul on

I've been on both the giving and the receiving end of interviews in my career as a software engineer and engineering manager, and I've been privy to a great many styles of interviews.

Codepunk 063 Proximity in Virtual Reality

by Bill Ahern, Michael Szul on

When discussing virtual reality (VR), there is a specific aspect of design involved—whether world design, production design, or application design. These environments are not exempt from the same design principles available in 2D design environments.

Pizza, Beer, and Computer Viruses

by Michael Szul on

When a company's network gets compromised by a virus, it can set off the panic alarms throughout the workplace. Of course Internet access being a must for all companies (every company is an IT company), means that exposure and risk are both high with the single biggest thread being the human element.

Faceless on the Internet

by Michael Szul on

Many my age still remember the years of personal bulletin board systems (BBS) when the Internet was young (and more explicitly tied to the telecoms). Eventually, cyberspace emerged as a collective of protocols with BBS, IRC chat channels, and UseNet newsgroups filling out additional communication channels. I remember following newly created UseNet newsgroups dedicated to the very first SciFi Channel original programming (long before it became whatever SyFy is supposed to stand for).

A Happy Mutant Reading

by Michael Szul on

I'm sure you're tired of hearing my opinion on Boing Boing at this point, so you'll be happy to know that this is the last Codepunk post and Apotheosis episode on the subject.

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