A Max Headroom Readout

by Michael Szul on

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This is an expanded, written monologue of the Apotheosis podcast episode. Podcast music by Nullsleep.

I'm going to do something a little different with this Apotheosis entry. Recently, I picked up a few books on cyberpunk, and once again Max Headroom found his way into the conversation, so I thought it would be fun to do a readout of the Max Headroom essay I wrote a while back. Typically with Apotheosis, I post the written monologue to Codepunk with an audio control to listen to the equivalent podcast episode. With this one, only this preamble in on the corresponding post. The essay is actually an earlier post from Codepunk.

For those that have followed the whole story, Bill started to get reacquainted with Max Headroom a few years back, which inspired us to do an episode of Codepunk talking about the original British television movie. From there, I did a Bots + Beer newsletter issue about Max Headroom, and both were used as resources for a presentation at the virtual Cyberpunk Culture Conference, where I took at look at Max Headroom and 80's culture. The culmination of all those things ended with a long form essay on Codepunk expanding upon the points brought up in the conference talk.

That essay is what I'm going to read in the podcast equivalent of this Apotheosis entry. For those that don't feel like listening to the episode, you are more than welcome to read the original essay here.